Aria Horizons


Aria Horizons Company has a competitive strategic position in the world of Cast Pallet-Wrap Stretch Film market. With a state of the art industrial plant in London, United kingdom, Aria Horizons provides quality driven, cost effective and innovative tailor made industrial solutions to European countries and around the world. With long years of experience in stretch film business , Aria Horizons is now ranked as a prominent market player in the field with current export capacity of 20 container per month, all shipped to demanding international clients around the globe thanks to the annual production capacity of 4,800 metric tons of stretch films planned to meet all manual, machine and power stretch film application requirements . Aria Horizons has advanced, top of the line and high tech European made machines, reflecting experience in the international market, tailoring extrusion lines to customer requirements. Aria Horizons will keep on adopting the leading technological developments in the machinery and methods used to secure and protect items of all kinds and loads of all sizes, to enable achieving smooth operations, quality and low costs standards.

  • Aria Horizons corporate mandate and objectives are to provide world markets with integrated products to meet the growing needs of the ever growing global markets.
  • Aria Horizons delivers a complete range of diversified, value added, performance enhanced products for the demanding markets.
  • Aria Horizons has a set of corporate and manufacturing standards for combining excellent products pricing with outstanding quality.
  • Aria Horizons is commitment to business integrity, product quality, client services and environmental responsibility. The company's relationship with business stakeholders are built to last.

Mission and Vision


To achieve excellence collectively in terms of quality, innovation and service by offering eco-friendly products and a proactive consolidated presence in all local, regional and global markets.


To be recognized as a worldwide leader in the stretch film production, building on our growing reliability to partners, offering packaging solutions for customers, through innovation, eco-sustainability and the best price-quality ratio.


  • Aria Horizons was established in 2016 with its headquarter in London United Kingdom.
  • Aria Horizons business operation were headed by a series of competent administrators, industrial engineers, technicians and experts.
  • With 80 years of collative expertise, Aria Horizons 's unique knowledge and know-how necessary to meet customer's expectations moved step beyond competitors in the field, yet setting the benchmark in today's exciting world of manufacturing solutions.
  • Aria Horizons has expanded its operations into Europe, Asia and North Africa with a strategic vision to be a true business conglomerate.
  • Focusing on its strategic vision and soliciting the support of its affiliates, colleagues, employees, buyers, and all those associated with its businesses, Aria Horizons is now right on the track to continue its sustainable growth.
  • The relationships with clients gave Aria Horizons its flourishing entity of today.

A.H.’s People

Since establishment, Aria Horizons’ culture that incorporates friendliness, kindness, integrity, and compassion has been evolving. Allowing it to become one of our most distinguishing characteristic. our employee's individual commitment to such values drives Aria Horizons, and ultimately result in the company's successes. Satisfying our clients with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service, We relentlessly invest in and developing our employee's talents, ingenuity and leadership towards stable and sustainable growth.

A.H. around the world

Aria Horizons is a global supplier for flexible packaging solutions, known for its outstanding quality Continuously improving its service and quality standards.

Aria Horizons has been a genuine market leader for setting high quality standards in the flexible packaging industry by partnering with leading global brands.

Aria Horizons owns outstanding production facilities in the world with style of construction, infrastructure and high technology of production and scale.


23900 - ITALY
Tel: +39- 327 915 1292l

Fatih Hassoylu

Business development executive


Environment health and safety

Aria Horizons develops partnerships between departmental personnel to ensure a safe work environment and compliance with the company's policy and applicable regulations in the most efficient manner possible. These endeavours include waste disposal, recycling, clean environment, elimination of noise pollution and harmful gases.